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Pitch A GISP: The New Online “System”

March 19, 2010

Due to popular and violent demand, we’ve decided to facilitate the sharing of GISP ideas on campus. As creators of GISPs ourselves, we know it can be frustrating finding advisers or finding other student who would be interested in your GISP topic. So here’s what we’re gonna ask you to do:

(1) email

Things to include: potential title of your GISP, some of the things you’re thinking of reading, films you’re thinking of watching, ideas of what your final project might be, YOUR CONTACT INFO, etc. For elements of a GISP, see (

(2) We’ll post this to the CRC Blog. Since the deadline is fast approaching, we’ll post em as we get em. Direct your network to the blog to see your GISP idea and the ideas of others. We’ll be posting morning mail adverts.

Then just keep spreading the word. We’re working to have a more sophisicated system soon, but this should be the start of something beautiful.

NOTE: You don’t have to have a solid reading list and final project to pitch a GISP. Even if your idea is “I think I’d like to read a bunch of books on koalas” or “I wanna do a GISP on feet”, email it to us and we can matchmake you and those other koala feet fetishists out there in the Brown Community!

Much unconditional love,

Roman and Arthur

GISP Co-Coordinators

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