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GISP Pitch!: “Psychogeography”

March 22, 2010

Note: So this one wasn’t “actually” mailed to us. It was mailed to Brown Morning Mail. Maybe not a bad place to pitch your GISP as well? In any case, Molly Cousins, we got your back.


Title: “Psychogeography”

Ever wondered why the Sci Li stacks feel so depressing? Why the Watson bamboo garden seems so peaceful? What are the processes that our minds undertake to arrive at these conclusions, and how can we consciously shape these perceptions?
Join our GISP and study the psychology of space – how different environments affect how we think, feel, and interact. Readings will be taken from social sciences, psychology, philosophy, and literature. Contact Molly Cousins for more info. Sponsored by Comp Lit.

“Molly Cousins” <

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