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How To Move On After A GISP/ISP Deadline

April 12, 2010

GISPs are like buckets of water...somehow


Hey lovely folk, 

Alas, last Friday marked the deadlines for the GISP and ISP proposals for the fall. It’s a nervous, tense time. The College Curriculum Council will convene in the shadows of the darkest forests, stir their giant pots of toil and trouble, and call upon the ghosts of lost idols who will decide the fate of your GISPs and ISPs; two fingers meaning “yes mam!”, four fingers meaning “no way, Jose Conseco” (who sits on the CCC), and a bunny rabbit hand gesture indicating a need for revision. It’s a cryptic ritual, but it’s how it’s done. 

And good news for me, you, and everyone we know! The CCC received 21 GISP/ISP proposals for the Fall (15 GISPs, 6 ISPs)! Not impressed? What if I told you that it’s more total proposal than Brown University has EVAR SEEN for the Fall semester? Well, that’s what I’m telling you. Yea, no big. Just world records. 

Until then, relax, don’t be afraid to start thinking of ways you should probably revise your syllabus, and maybe take a jog. I hear it’s good for your health. And hey, while you’re not creating your own education, create your own life, aye? 

-Jose Conseco

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