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GISPs Now Have Their Own Blog—“”

October 22, 2010

Hey everyone,

(If you’ve come here looking for the list of GISP pitches, go here to see the exhaustive list. Apologies if there is no contact. We heard about these from various sources but have not been able to contact the people behind them. Please let us know if we missed something for your pitch.)

Due to the popularity of GISPs, we’ve decided to dedicate a separate blog just for them. There we’ll be posting our updates on this blog, along with our facebook page and the CRC twitter. If you’re a CRC blog junkie, don’t worry, they’ll all forward to the CRC blog as well. But on the GISP blog we hope to do the following:

  • Offer one website to act as an informal guide to getting your GISP approved
  • Create a dialogue with people interested in GISPs—what do you want? This is about you.
  • Link you directly to the links you want most—paperwork, GISP pitches, the Dos and Don’ts
  • Give you latest GISP news and let you know what we’re trying to do to make the GISP experience even better
  • Offer various multimedia series on the GISP process, current and past GISP projects, and tips for writing and operating a successful GISP.

By the way, we’ve done a soft launch of a FourSquare initiative. Check in at the Curricular Resource Center whenever you drop by, or tell your friends on Facebook with our Places location. Just “like” our location and when you update your status, type “@” and “Brown Curricular Resource Center”. That simple!


The GISP Guys

ps- we’re having some funky issues with the domain. if this doesn’t work, just do The links on this page work though.

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