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Eli Bosworth: Internship with Activision on Call of Duty Video Game

July 5, 2011

Eli Bosworth

My semester abroad was the continuation of an internship I had in Portland, Maine working for Activision on the video game Call of Duty: Black ops, which is a violent game celebrating American imperialism and McCarthyism in the early sixties. My task for the summer was to make the game display in 3D in order to support the new 3D televisions that are now on the market. I was told it was just an experiment and wouldn’t be a feature in the game. Near the end of the summer, I was informed that the dudes who worked over in L.A. thought 3D looked great and that if I was willing to stay until the release of the game to keep working on the 3D effect then they would probably put it in the game. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help raise a new generation of gun-crazy children to be afraid of the word ‘socialism’ so I called up Brown and asked for a semester off. It went great. Go buy a 3D TV, an XBOX, and Call of Duty: Black ops and check it out. Also Portland was a great place. Coming from New York City, it was actually a little bit of a culture shock to be living with my 5 roommates who were all from small towns further north in Maine. I can’t wait to go back and visit everybody.

Here’s an image I found online of one of the dudes from call of duty shooting fidel castro. I thought that worked better with my story then a picture of Maine.

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