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Lindsay Babbitt: Worked with Nonprofits Human Services Coalition and Empowered Youth in Miami, Fl.

July 5, 2011

Lindsay Babbitt

During my sophomore year I had a strong sense of dissatisfaction with the way I was feeling at Brown. I knew that I had the potential to love it here, but something was off, causing me to feel unhappy, like my life was devoid of something important. I took my junior fall off (fall 2009) and went to Miami where I lived with my friend’s family and worked for his mom’s nonprofit, the Human Services Coalition. I ran a biweekly after- school college guidance program at a low-income 97% minority high school. I also worked with another nonprofit called Empowered Youth, which provides mentorship programs in the Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center. Outside of the important career insight I gained from working for two nonprofits, I really enjoyed getting to explore a new city, as well as having time to work on personal hobbies that I don’t find much time for at Brown, like cooking, reading for pleasure, and playing guitar. I also played Ultimate Frisbee at the University of Miami, which contributed hugely to my sense of community in Miami. When I came back to Brown, I felt like I had the skills to be in control of my life much more than I ever had before. It seemed like nothing about Brown had changed, but I had become much more conscious of how I was living my life, and took an active role in choosing what was right for me.

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