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Sam Wolfson: Traveling and WWOOFing in South America

July 5, 2011

Sam Wolfson

After taking several years of Spanish both in high school and at Brown, I decided that I wanted to either study abroad or take a semester to travel in a Spanish speaking country. Because I really valued my time at Brown and thought whatever classes I took here would be more valuable than those I might get abroad, I decided that taking a leave was the right option for me. It allowed me to get the language immersion that I wanted without giving up a semester at Brown.

I spent that fall semester of my Junior year traveling with a friend in South America working on organic farms. We started in Ecuador, then moved down the coast of Peru and crossed through Chile into Argentina. I was able to try something completely new and different from my studies at Brown and my Spanish improved dramatically. It also gave me a great opportunity to learn how to manage my own travels, budgeting and planning my time and funds for four months.

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  1. November 28, 2011 4:27 am

    Hey Sam,

    Was wondering if you could let me know about how to chose the farms and which ones in particular you enjoyed. My friend and I are hoping to WWOOF in South America, perhaps Chile specifically, and we’re a bit overwhelmed with our choices.

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