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GISP Talks – Spring 2012

May 20, 2012

This semester kicked off Brown’s first ever GISP Talks!! Modeled after TED talks, this event showcased the exciting work of this semester’s GISPs (Group Independent Study Projects) through a series of presentations. Below are glimpses at the presentations of each GISP.

1. Study and Practice of Compassion in Medicine

Their slides: Compassion in Medicine

2. Character: Script to Screen

A trailer of the movie they made:

3. Introductory Kiswahili

A transcript of their presentation: Transcript

4. Sport for Development and Peace

An overview provided by a participant: Our GISP studies the use of sport as a tool for economic, social development, and the prevention of violence. One of our main accomplishments was learning how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the methodology of different organizations.

For example, in my midterm paper, I wrote about how to NGOs in Africa that work for the prevention of HIV differ in their financial management and in the evaluation of their projects. We are also using this knowledge in our final assignment, which is a business plan for a personal project within the movement. I am developing a scheme to combine a soccer and basketball tournament with vocational interests in Caribbean high schools in Costa Rica. Many of these children are in great need of guidance to fulfill and develop their goals, especially with increasing poverty and violence in the area. 

Therefore, I will create this tournament for boys and girls where I will take counselors and university representatives that can answer questions and give the students advice on how to become achievers. Pretty much, I want to create something that will allow this youth to dream again in a brighter future.
5. Introduction to Mexican-American Studies
Their slides: Mexican-American Studies
6. Science and Art: Seeking Consilience
Their slides (audio was used but cannot play here): Science and Art
7. The Entrepreneurial Musician
A group bio: PUSHgroove, formed by Richard Smith and Andrew Rapp in the Spring of 2012, seeks to transcend any particular musical genre. With sounds ranging from alternative rock, to indie, to even rap, the duo is characterized by an eclectic writing and production style, striving never to settle into one specific niche. The three songs tracked over the course of their Group Independent Study Project (under the wing of Professor Rovan) will be available for free download.
8. Global Perspectives on Disability
Their presentation:
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