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GISPs and ISPs

Always wanted to take a class that just isn’t offered? What are you passionately interested in? Astrobiology? The science of humor? 14th Century poetry? Cheese? Brown University offers you the unique opportunity to design your own class. GISPs have such a popular presence on campus, that we’ve recently created a blog just for GISPs! Though we talk about other independent study efforts as well. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and tips from the pros.

GISPs (Group Independent Study Projects): a semester long, full credit course designed and led by two or more Brown students with the help of an adviser.

ISPs (Independent Study Project): a semester long, full credit course designed and led by a Brown student with the help of an adviser.

GLISP (Global Independent Study Projects): a full credit, independent study option if you are studying abroad. The Curricular Resource Center is not affiliated with GLISPs. For more info on that, visit The Office of International Programs (OIP)

DISP (Departmental Independent Study Project): a full credit, individual independent study facilitated by an academic department. The Curricular Resource Center does not handle DISPs, but talk to a department head or faculty adviser if you are interested in this option. There is no official proposal process for DISPs, and each professor has different requirements.

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