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Independent Concentrations

Even though Brown offers nearly 100 undergraduate concentrations, students still have the option of creating and designing their own. Independent concentrations—usually focusing on a broad problem, theme, or question, rather than a discipline— must be sponsored by at least one faculty member and reviewed and approved by the College Curriculum Council.

Consider an Independent Concentration if your research and study interests do not fit into any standard program at Brown. You may want to examine a theme or set of problems from multiple perspectives, or you may want to apply methodologies and analytical tools developed in one discipline to an area of study traditionally associated with another field.

An Independent Concentration consists of a minimum of ten core courses offered in several departments. A final Independent Study or a Senior Thesis allows you to bring together ideas, methods, and insights from your various courses. As you develop your ideas and design your concentration, you will work closely with a faculty member prepared to sponsor the undertaking.

Independent Concentrations should not closely duplicate an existing concentration at Brown, nor can they focus on topics that fall outside Brown’s mission statement as a liberal arts institution.

Come by the CRC in Room 228 in the Campus Center to meet the coordinator or email your questions to

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