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Each year, nearly 200 Brown students take a leave of absence from Brown usually for a combination of reasons; Be it to work, to intern, to volunteer, to meet medical or financial needs, for academic reasons, or to simply have some time for reflection. Brown encourages students on leave to engage in meaningful activity that will complement their course of study at Brown. It is not always easy to see how classroom learning relates to the practical problems of the outside world, and a leave may help to bridge this gap.

The Curricular Resource Center houses tools and resources for students thinking about a leave, planning a leave, or returning to campus from a leave. Our student leave-taking coordinators can help you identify options and engage in meaningful dialogue about how to make the best of your time away from Brown. Taking leave can be a scary or an unexpected decision. At the curricular resource center, we do the best to address your concerns and help you along the steps of your leave.

Please feel free to come by Room 228, Stephen Robert Campus Center to meet the coordinators or email your questions to

For more information on leave-taking, check out our webpage on the CRC website.
Here you can find out what you need to do before and after you take leave, what to do about financial aid or your housing situation, what to do about all that graduation business, and a list of resources and opportunities of what to do during your time off!

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Here you can find out about all sorts of things going on in the leave-taking community:

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