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Theories in Action Conference

Theories in Action PosterThe 2008 report of Brown’s Task Force on Undergraduate Education argued for a “more inclusive concept of education—indeed, one so inclusive that conventional distinctions between general education and the concentrations, between the curricular and extracurricular, even between classroom and community need to be rethought.”

Responding to this call, the Curricular Resource Center and Office of the Dean of the College are pleased to present Theories in Action—a campus-wide, multi-disciplinary conference giving Brown seniors the opportunity to showcase their work to audiences across school year, program or academic department, and the Brown campus community a moment to celebrate and recognize the challenging work of synthesis and application of knowledge.

The conference will give the selected senior participants the opportunity to engage campus and community members in their capstone project and publicly reflect on the project’s social relevance; participate in skill-building workshops before the conference to help develop your ability to effectively present your work to a wider audience; and gain feedback from experts in the field, network with others who have common interests, and develop contacts for future collaborative efforts.

We hope that audience members will not only contribute by giving feedback to the selected presenters, but also be inspired by the diversity of projects seniors have engaged in during their undergraduate career.

We plan on inviting faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and community members to serve as respondents during the conference workshops. All selected conference presenters will be invited to the conference dinner, which will feature a plenary session about the conference theme, Theories in Action.

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